Types Of Insurance In India

Types of Insurance in India

India has a wide range of insurance for every possible situation that could take place in a person’s life. They provide a sort of safety net that always gives a person assurance that they are ready to face any challenges thrown at them. Right from health insurance to vehicle insurance to gadget insurance to insuring a kid’s future, there are multiple insurances to plan a secure life.

Steps To Maintain A Healthy Credit Score

A healthy credit score

There are some people who easily qualify for loans and get the best interest rates while a few others struggle for the same. One of the main factors in this scenario is a highly influential number: credit score. From securing a dream vehicle loan to getting the best deals on insurance, a healthy credit score unlocks a world of financial opportunities.

What Are Farm Equipment Loans? A Complete Guide

A farm equipment vehicle, tractor cultivating field

Farm equipment loans, as the name suggests, are loans specifically designed for farmers to help them with the machinery of their farms. It could be an attachment to a tractor, a seed-sowing machine, or a sprinkler.

Different Types Of Construction Equipment

a construction vehicle, excavator digging on a construction site

With the country’s focus now shifting toward infrastructure growth, your projects can greatly benefit from understanding construction equipment loans. Lenders like banks and NBFCs offer the option to avail loans on both, new and old equipment.

Tips For Selecting The Right Commercial Vehicle

Truck, a commercial vehicle in India.

Whether you’re in the delivery, logistics, or service industry, getting a commercial vehicle is an effective way to expand your business and improve efficiency. To help you make that decision, here are some essential tips while selecting the right commercial vehicle.

Types Of Commercial Vehicles In India

A mini truck parked on a green field. Commercial vehicle loans provided by IndoStar Capital Finance.

Several commercial vehicles are used for a wide range of purposes day in and day out. This article focuses on some of the most important vehicles.

Types Of Vehicle Loans

Coins stacked in front of a car. Car loans provided by IndoStar Capital Finance

Whether you want to buy a reliable car or a two-wheeler, in the journey to ownership, you might require financial assistance in the form of a vehicle loan.