Different Types Of Construction Equipment

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Construction equipment are those machines that are used to perform certain tasks on a construction site. It can be digging, moving, hauling, and even levelling. Looking at the functions of these types of equipment, these can be categorised into 4 subheadings – earth-moving equipment, construction vehicles, material handling equipment, and other construction equipment. This blog on different types of construction vehicles can help you determine the right equipment for a particular task that could greatly benefit your construction process.

1. Earth-moving Equipment

As the name suggests, this type of equipment is used to move soil, sand, and other earthbound materials. Earth-moving activities require multipurpose machinery that can efficiently carry out tasks like loading, unloading, breaking rocks, grading soils, drilling, and landscaping.

     A. Excavators

This is the most common type of earth-moving equipment. Almost all construction projects require the use of excavators. These heavy-duty equipment make use of their movable bucket attachment. It can be used for digging, drilling, excavation, and demolition work.

     B. Backhoe Loader

You may have heard of tractor excavators, loader excavators, or diggers. These are a few names this equipment is also referred to as. The Backhoe Loader comes equipped with a variety of attachments that perform various functions like stump grinding, digging, and landscaping. It can also be used as a lightweight transportation loader.

     C. Motor Grader

Motor grades are commonly used for levelling purposes or providing a finishing grade to the ground surface. They have a uniquely structured blade attached underneath the vehicle, between its front and rear tyres. This adjustable blade provides precision and refinement in the process of levelling to provide a quality surface finish.

     D. Skid-steer Loader

This equipment has similar functions to that of an excavator. Skid-steer loaders use a lifting arm at the front. Using different attachment varieties, this loader can come in handy on small-scale construction sites. Its compact size can have added benefits. For example, a skid-steer loader can be used for digging a swimming pool or basements.

     E. Bulldozer

Also known as a crawler, bulldozer is a heavy-duty equipment that is used for pushing soil or other materials during construction. It comes with a metal plate attachment that can even loosen densely packed soil. Bulldozers are used in road building, quarrying, mining, and various other applications.

2. Construction Vehicles

     A. Dumpers/Dumper Trucks 

The primary use of dumpers or dumper trucks is to transport materials like soil, gravel, and construction waste to and from the construction site. Dumpers come with an open-box bed that can be hinged by its hydraulically controlled rams.

     B. Trailers

Transportation of large, heavy cargo can be done with the help of trailers. These are non-powered plainbed attachments that can be mounted to a motor vehicle (mainly trucks) to transport material or parts. Trailers are also used for different purposes like transporting cars, becoming the base of mobile homes, forming travel trailers, etc.

3. Material Handling Equipment

Materials like glass panels, frames, boxes, and various other building parts need to be transported from one place to another. Material handling equipment can be used for tasks like these.

     A. Cranes

It would be impossible to build high-rise buildings or roads without the use of cranes. This equipment is designed to lift and move materials in different directions. Depending on your requirements, you can choose from a variety of crane types. The commonly used crane types are static cranes, tower cranes, and hammerhead cranes.

     B. Forklifts

Forklifts are used in almost every stage of a construction process and can come in handy for moving small and large materials. Mainly used in warehouses, these contain a movable two-prong attachment that can be moved vertically. Forklifts come in various sizes and weight options. So depending on the utility, one can choose the correct size of forklift. 

     C. Conveyors

Another way to transport heavy loads is with conveyors. It is one of the most commonly used mechanical components in construction. Conveyors make use of a belt drive that is attached to a motor. It makes handling easier and optimises the space and workflow.

4. Construction Equipment

     A. Concrete Mixers

Concrete is one of the main materials used in construction. The main purpose of a concrete mixer is to mix cement, water, sand, and other additives to make concrete. These can come in either stationary or movable mixers. The continuous mixing process provides the worker ample time to use the concrete before it solidifies.

     B. Road Rollers

The main purpose of a road roller is to flatten the surface and make the loose soil more compact. Road Rollers use their self-weight to apply enough pressure to bind the foundation materials in place. Road rollers come in different types mainly – grid rollers, smooth-wheeled, and pneumatic tyred rollers.

     C. Crushers

Untouched demolition waste can be difficult to dispose of due to its sheer size. Crushers are used to break down any large pieces, which makes it easier to either dispose of or recycle these pieces. Crushers come in different sizes and power grades, so depending on the project, it is vital to choose the right crusher size. In most cases, crushers save massive amounts of time and labour.

Summing Up

With the country’s focus now shifting toward infrastructure growth, your projects can greatly benefit from understanding construction equipment loans. Lenders like banks and NBFCs offer the option to avail loans on both, new and old equipment. This feature can be used to optimise the cost of machinery on the site. It is also important to note that small-scale and large-scale construction projects require different equipment to suit the purpose. 


What Equipment Is Used In Construction?

There are various types of equipment used in construction. Commonly used equipment is bulldozers, backhoe loaders, excavators, cranes, concrete mixers, and dumpers.

What Is Construction Equipment Loan?

Construction equipment loans are types of loans that are taken by construction businesses/companies to purchase equipment necessary for construction.

What Is The Most Common Construction Equipment?

Earth-moving equipment such as excavators and diggers, dumpers, and bulldozers are fairly common in most construction processes.

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