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Corporate Lending

IndoStar Capital Finance specialises in offering customised structured solutions to meet funding requirements of mid-to-large corporates. It has built a strong base of client relationships by catering to more than 100 large and mid-sized corporates across India. IndoStar has financed projects across several sectors including real estate, steel, cement, media and entertainment, dairy, financial services, pharmaceuticals, FMCG and more. Our Corporate Lending team is well regarded for its credit analysis and structuring capability. We also have an active debt capital markets desk that offers underwritten debt solutions to enable a cost effective borrowing programme for our clients. Whatever your business requirement, we have a product that will make it happen for you.


Secured Corporate Lending

  • We provide structured lending solutions to mid-to-large sized corporates to help them achieve their strategic objectives and growth plans, without straining their operating cash flows.
  • Our secured structured term loans range from Rs 75 crore to over Rs 700 crore with tenure ranging between 2 to 6 years.
  • Our loans need to have a clear visibility of repayment from your operating cash flow. Accordingly, we place a lot of emphasis on cash flow analysis and our loans are generally backed by security of tangible collateral assets. We specialize in efficient pairing of loan repayment schedule with the underlying cash flows to ensure optimization of capital allocation while achieving strategic objectives.

Real Estate Financing

  • We provide structured loans to large real estate developers in tier 1 cities, primarily for construction of residential properties.
  • We believe in customising solutions to fulfill all your business requirements including private equity exits, growth funding and project expenses.

Capital Market Financing

  • We offer loans to select promoters against a collateral in the form of pledge of listed securities, select unlisted securities and/or other tangible collaterals.
  • The tenure ranges between 1 to 3 years.

Special Situation and Acquisition Financing

  • We have a team of professionals with deep sectoral knowledge and understanding to provide highly customised and comprehensive solutions.
  • We formulate specialised structured financing solutions for corporates to meet their strategic acquisition funding requirements.
  • We offer promoter funding for equity buy back/take outs, family settlements and asset financing.
  • We also selectively offer funding for acquisition of stressed assets under NCLT or pre NCLT.

Debt Capital Markets

  • Ability to structure the transactions as per the client’s requirements and identify suitable co-investors for such requirements
  • Strong relationships with co-investors and other large institutional investors across the market participants including mutual funds, Banks, NBFCs, Foreign Institutional Investors and Insurance Companies.
  • Partnered with reputed institutions in large ticket transactions to provide comprehensive financial solutions for larger transactions.